Tiny House Trailers
An Ultra-Sturdy Foundation For Your Tiny House

Start from the ground up with a custom tiny house trailer base for your dream tiny home. Every home needs a strong foundation. Foundations keep your floors structurally sound and the walls firmly in place. But tiny home foundations do even more. They give your home mobility and keep your home safe when you’re on the road. If you’re designing your future tiny home, make sure you start off with the right trailer base, one custom-made for your tiny house. Work with our custom tiny house trailer manufacturers and get a foundation perfect for your tiny home.

How is our trailer base different?

A good tiny home isn’t just an opportunity to downsize your belongings and find freedom from a long mortgage. With a well-constructed tiny house trailer, your tiny house on wheels will be on a secure foundation and you’ll have the peace of mind to travel across the country in comfort. Traditional pier and beam or concrete foundations restrict your movement. If you’re moving to a new plot of land or your tiny home is a temporary home during a bigger construction project, it means you can’t adjust your home’s placement. While tiny house foundations can be immobile, they turn your home into a permanent structure, which could require permits according to your local building code. Our tiny house trailer manufacturers keep your home maneuverable. A well-built tiny house trailer can last for decades so you can live in your tiny home on wheels, repurpose it for future summer vacations, and give yourself more options. A custom-built tiny house base is also more than a typical trailer. It incorporates the right supports for solid flooring, securing your home’s walls, and high-quality load disbursement jacks for when you set down temporary roots.

16" on-center spaced cross members for flooring

Tiny house trailers

Sill plate structural angle flange on frame for wall framing

Engineered to be a home foundation first, not a trailer

What should you look for?

  A Firm Footing A tiny home’s trailer isn’t just wheels and a hitch. It also helps support the flooring as you walk and live in your home. Our trailers have galvanized steel crossbeams that are built to last no matter how wet the road is. These beams are spaced sixteen inches apart so you can easily add insulation to the flooring. You can also lay down flooring without worrying about gaps or unsteady walkways.   A Custom-Built Home Needs a Custom Base Taking your home on the road can be a bit nerve-wracking. Working with tiny house trailer manufacturers keeps your home safe and supported. Our trailer frames take both your home’s total weight and dimensions into consideration. Whether you plan on incorporating a front porch or you know you’re going to have frequent visitors, our trailers don’t just support the bare minimum. We will work with you to build a stable trailer for your home that holds up under your future plans. A trailer isn’t just a way to move your tiny house. It’s your home’s foundation.   How Much Mobility Do You Want? Whether you want to settle down in your tiny house or you have a long road trip planned, mobility matters. You need a trailer base that can support your tiny home, but it also needs to be easy to hitch it to your vehicle and drive it around.

Simplest, most efficient design for ease of building

Correct axle and leveling jack placement for load dispersement

Our design experts can help you find the right choice between single, tandem, and triple axle configurations so you have the right balance of maneuverability and long-term reliability. Your chassis will have the lowest ride height available so you have more clearance on low underpasses and highways. We also ensure your tiny house trailer is road-ready with a strongly welded hitch and the right safety lights.

Everything you need for DIY

Your home’s foundation and overall design work better if you plan them together. That’s why we offer customizable steel frame tiny home kits, too. You can design your tiny house’s trailer base, walls, and roof cohesively so you get the dream home you’re looking for. Steel walls are slimmer, can support more design options, and make your tiny house last longer. Our trailers are also built to support the frames so you have a solidly built house on wheels. If you want to start building your tiny home on wheels and designing the tiny house trailer to keep it road-ready, contact our tiny house trailer manufacturers today.