Steel Frame Tiny Home Kits
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Go From Dreams to Reality

Picture yourself in your very own tiny home. Maybe it has a rustic look, with gleaming wood shelves, warm light, and neutral colors. Maybe your tiny home has a contemporary style, with sleek shelving and glossy accessories. Do you have a staircase leading up to a bedroom loft? There might also be a window seat extension in the back where you don’t devote the walls to storage.

No matter what design you have in mind, you’ll need your tiny house to have strong bones to support it. That’s why we offer customizable steel frame tiny house kits for sale. Traditional wooden beams and supports are bulky and also heavy. Because of that, they can even take up extra space in your already small square footage tiny dream home. If your plan is to take your tiny home around the country, a wooden framed tiny home might not be as road-worthy.

That’s why Trailer Made’s tiny home kits are made from steel. Buy a tiny house kit from Trailer Made for a safe and sturdy tiny home.

Why is a steel frame the right choice?

Building your tiny house on wheels from the ground up is a great way to make sure your new home is precisely what you’re looking for. We sell custom-crafted steel frame tiny house kits to get you started. You don’t have to worry about structural integrity. Steel frame walls are well supported and the joints are tight enough for traveling on the highway. Best of all, you still get all of the control of designing and finishing your tiny home.

Strong walls to incorporate lofts, a staircase, and storage

Your tiny home’s walls are going to do a lot of heavy lifting. The right storage is crucial for keeping your home comfortable. If you want to set down roots on a beautiful plot of land, then that storage might include fold-away furniture for visitors, pots, and pans, and four seasons of clothing. If you’re traveling across the country, you need plenty of space to store your recreation equipment and any souvenirs you pick up along the way. Steel walls give your home a strong start for all of the shelves and hooks you want to set in place. Buy a tiny house kit from Trailer Made to keep your custom tiny house on wheels standing up tall and strong.

Even more importantly, you can feel safe with a home built with our steel frame tiny house kit. Your staircase and bedroom loft will stay strong and reliable because they’re built into your home’s framing. Galvanized steel gives your home even more protection against corrosion, rust, and physical impact.

More strength at a fraction of wood’s weight and width

Traditional homes are built with wooden frames. That’s because a permanent foundation can handle the extra weight. It also matters less if the walls are a little thick because a traditional home has plenty of room to work with.

But when it comes to your tiny home, it’s a different story. Every inch matters. We know how important it is for you to have those essential square feet of extra storage or spacious in the walkway. That’s why our steel frame home kits are slim and lightweight.

Not only is a steel frame significantly lighter than wood, but its strength also gives you more design options. If you want your tiny home to have as open a floor plan as possible, use a material that doesn’t need support beams in the middle of the space. Using a steel frame tiny home kit gives you a wall-to-wall structure so that space is all yours for additional features.

Do you want to take your journey on the road?

At Trailer Made, we want you to have as many options for your tiny home as possible. That’s why we build our steel frame home kits to work with custom-made tiny house trailers. Whether your tiny home is destined for the road or it’s a temporary home as you develop your land, we can build you the right mobile foundation. Contact us today to get more information on the tiny house kits we have for sale. If you’re ready to buy a tiny house kit and get building, request a quote now!