Buy A Custom-Built Tiny Home Trailer in Florida

There’s too much to see and do in Florida to stay in one place. Tiny homes are springing up everywhere from Tampa Bay to Orlando. Whether you want to stay in a beach resort, a community, or an R.V. park near your favorite attractions, you can fit right in with your tiny house on wheels. Build your tiny home with a trailer base, and it will double as a towable recreational vehicle. You don’t have to pick just one option. Build your tiny home for long-term travel and relaxation with:

  • A customized road-ready trailer that supports your tiny home.
  • A steel framing kit with in-built protection and structural support.
  • A financial plan that gets your home on the road faster.

Engineered as a Foundation

Bumper Pull

In the state of Florida, ‘tiny houses’ on wheels are put in the same category as other tow-able recreational vehicles. That means the structures are subject to strict minimum requirements on road readiness. Your home needs to be able to withstand highway travel and bumpy roads in order to keep yourself and other drivers safe.

So get a custom tiny home trailer that has been specifically designed to meet those standards. Tiny homes come in all shapes and sizes, and a regular trailer might not have the dimensions you need to safely support your home. Traditional┬átrailers also aren’t built to hold a floor and insulation, which give your tiny house a warm, homey touch.

When you get a custom-built tiny home trailer you get:

  • A trailer that is built to code so you’re ready to travel across Florida and reach every destination on your travel list.
  • Low ride height. The lower your trailer sits, the safer it is during high-speed travel and when you go under overpasses. Our engineers will work with you so your tiny home has a total height that doesn’t get in the way but also doesn’t feel cramped.
  • Flanges that let you build your right on the trailer, for a sturdy tiny house on wheels. Your trailer is the floor and foundation of your home, not just a platform. Our trailers are built so the wall frames grab tightly onto the trailer and don’t let go.

Fast and Easy DIY With Steel Framing Kits

Lighter and Stronger than Wood

Just like with a traditional house, your tiny home needs to be strong. For a tiny house on wheels, it is also important for the home to be lightweight. That’s why the best material for framing your tiny home is steel. This strong metal can support the weight of storage and a loft without the heaviness of lumber. Our steel framing kits can be fabricated with your design preferences in mind so you get a comfortable home that’s just right for your lifestyle.

Steel framing kits incorporate everything from stairs to sturdy platforms right into the bones of your new house. You don’t have to worry about shaky steps or heavy loads. Not only can steel frames handle whatever you want to haul in your tiny house on wheels, the frame is secured right into your tiny home trailer for long-term durability.

We also sell equipment and recreation trailers as well as car haulers

Sometimes a tiny home isn’t enough space. If you like biking, four-wheeling, or any number of outdoor sports, you need room for your equipment. We can design a custom trailer that securely attaches to the back of your home. We can make your home fit your hobbies, with a custom tiny house on wheels.

Flexible Financing Options

Whether you want to travel the country as you work or you want to turn your retirement into an adventure, tiny homes help you do it comfortably. They’re also easier on your budget. Instead of having a mortgage or property taxes in high-demand Florida counties, you can control your own finances.

Our financing plans with OneMain Financial, LLC help you customize your financing to match your custom tiny home. You can choose flexible loan terms ranging from five to twenty-five years. You can also get started with a low down payment of only 5%.

This financing program isn’t just flexible; it’s fast. If you’re ready to get on the road with your tiny house on wheels, you can be approved for a loan within 24 hours, and you can receive your funding before the week is out. Whether you’re building a simple tiny home just for you or you want a home with all the bells and whistles, we can help you make it happen.

We serve the entire state including Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Jacksonville, Tallahassee and beyond. Contact us at Trailer Made Custom Trailers for custom tiny home trailers, sturdy frames, and financing on your terms.