Financing For Your Tiny House

When you’re ready to start your tiny house project, you want to get going as soon as possible. That’s why fast and affordable tiny house financing is so important. You don’t want to submit loads of documents and wait for weeks to get your financing.

That’s why Trailer Made has partnered with KFG Financial — to get you the tiny house financing you need, quickly and easily. Working together, our hands-on approach to financing ensures that you’re able to get tiny house loans without hassle.

Apply now with the application below!

Why Work With Us for Your Tiny House Financing?

You want ease and flexibility in your tiny house or trailer loan process, and we can deliver. Here’s what you can look forward to:

  • Fast decisions. We let you know within 24 hours about whether your loan is approved.
  • Low down payment options. You can start with just 5% down!
  • Attractive rates. Get fixed rates between 6% and 15% (OAC), depending on your credit scores and financed amount.
  • Flexible loan terms. Our minimum term is 5 years, but you can spread out payments for 10, 15, 20 or even 25 years if you’d prefer!
  • Easy processing. You only have to provide minimal support documents. We make getting your loan as simple as possible.
  • Fast funding. Once your loan documents are received, we can typically fund within 3 days.

Our program is well-funded and ready to provide you with the stability and options that you need for your tiny house financing.

How Our Tiny House Financing Process Works

  1. You can fill out our brief loan application online to get started.
  2. KFG Financial provides a credit decision within 24 hours.
  3. You supply additional documentation and make decisions about your loan terms.
  4. Receive your funding within as little as 3 days and get started on your tiny house project.

What You’ll Need to Apply

Our tiny home and trailer loan application is short, but it may help you to complete it more quickly if you have the right information available. Here’s what you need for this tiny house financing process:

  • Personal information including address, phone number, email and Social Security number.
  • Your employment information, including your employer’s name and contact information, and your gross annual income. (If you’re not currently employed, you may need to provide additional information about your source of income.)
  • The amount you need to finance. We can help you determine what loan amount to request after taking into account your down payment.

Common Questions About Tiny House Financing and Trailer Loans

How do you determine what rate I’ll pay?

  • Rates are dependent on due diligence and final approval. If you have better credit scores, you’ll have a lower annual percentage rate (APR) and lower payments.

Is there a minimum credit score I need to qualify?

  • We do require a minimum 600 FICO score to be approved for financing for your tiny house project.

How do I decide on the term of my loan?

  • Because you have options in how long to spread out your tiny home or trailer loan payments, it can be hard to know the best option. We do have a minimum 5-year term or you can choose from 10, 15, 20 or 25 year terms. Determine how much you can afford to make for a monthly payment and choose a term that will allow you to pay that amount.

What are some example payments?

  • If you’re purchasing a $65,000 tiny house, and you have 5% down ($3,347 with fees), you can expect payments that range from $756 for a 10-year loan to $459 for a 25-year loan for your tiny house. That’s if you qualify for an APR of 6%; your payments will be higher if you have a higher interest rate.

Can I include taxes and shipping in my loan?

  • In most cases, the financed amount for your tiny home can include taxes and shipping.

How can I lower my monthly payment?

  • The lowest monthly payments go to those borrowers who have the best credit rating and thus qualify for our lowest APR of 6%, and who spread their payments out over a longer period. Our extended terms fit virtually any budget.

Get Started Now

If you’re looking for an ideal financing experience for your tiny house, start by filling out our online loan application. We can make a credit decision within 24 hours and manage any additional documentation needed electronically. Once your tiny house loan has been approved, we can fund via ACH within three days, so you can get your tiny house project underway.