Buy Industry-Certified Trailers for Heavy Equipment

If you’re looking for custom heavy equipment trailers for sale, you can depend on Trailer Made Custom Trailers – an equipment trailer manufacturer specializing in medium to heavy duty equipment trailers engineered to your exact specifications and designed for your specific hauling needs. We custom build our trailers to specifically meet the length, width, axle configuration, and towing weight required for your commercial or recreational needs.

And there’s no need to worry about upfront payments, as we are partnered with OneMain Financial to offer our customers flexible financing options that allow you to fulfill increased business demands or upgrade your personal assets for recreational towing – while preserving cash flow.

Why Choose Trailer Made?

At Trailer Made, we take equipment trailers seriously. Not just for the success of our business, but for the pride that we take as a family-owned and operated business that is built on the integrity of our workmanship. That’s why we employ only the best welders – welders that are AWS d1.1 certified in structural welding to build trailer frames that you can depend on to meet the maximum gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) required for your cargo.

Our primary focus is always on friendly customer service that is also useful. But our constant objective is to provide the right heavy equipment trailer solution to meet or exceed your hauling needs. Our equipment trailer manufacturers accomplish this goal with a design/build attitude of crafting each trailer as if it were built for a family member – with your safety, your business, and your projects at the forefront of our work. It doesn’t matter if you’re hauling jet skis or landscaping equipment, off-road vehicles or construction tools, the goal is still the same – a quality equipment trailer that meets your hauling needs and exceeds your expectations.

Making the right choice

Trailer Made sells both custom and standard styles of heavy equipment trailers to meet your budget and provide a smart equipment investment that lasts for many years of dependable service. When deciding on the heavy equipment trailers we have for sale, discuss the following design types with our technical service staff to help you choose the right equipment trailer for your cargo type and weights:



Prices start at $3995 for an open deck constructed on a frame designed to carry the maximum load of your cargo from 10,000 to 21,000 GVWR. This type of equipment trailer is similar to a flatbed trailer and can be used for hauling power equipment or oversized loads. The axle configuration may be single, tandem and triple axle configured depending on your hauling requirements.



Gate-enclosed deck for medium to heavy-duty hauling of recreational or commercial equipment such as lawn mowers, construction equipment, and ATVs. The sale price of our heavy equipment trailers start at $4195 and are rated at 12,000 GVWR.



The work horse of equipment trailers, built to carry heavy loads. Our utility trailers can be customized for attachment to follow-behind vehicles or for side-by-side attachment to small tractors or ATVS. Choose a utility trailer for hauling inoperable cars or boats, construction power equipment, and lawn care equipment. Prices start at $2995 depending on the level of customization and are rated at 12,000 GVWR.



Allow our expert equipment trailer manufacturers to customize a trailer to fit your needs, including length, tails, couplers, jacks, color, and other features to fit your exact business or pleasure needs. For our custom heavy equipment trailers, we provide an easy online system to provide you with a quote based on your specific needs.

When you’re thinking of heavy equipment trailers for sale, think Trailer Made Custom Trailers to get a high-quality heavy equipment trailer, based on your needs and your budget. Our friendly customer service can answer your questions to make sure you select the right type of trailer for your needs.