We Make Tiny House Trailers for California DIYers

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Buying and owning a tiny home is a dream for many people who are downsizing or desire to live more simply. Tiny homes can be great for vacation spots, extra space for visitors or as a full-time residence. But building, moving and transporting your tiny home comes with challenges — especially in California, where land is at a premium and building restrictions can be confusing.

California is an ideal place for portable tiny home trailers — the homes can be positioned on small parcels of land, making them a more affordable option for many people. Our trailer manufacturers in California provide you with the right setup, so you can move your tiny home from place to place and take advantage of the many climates and areas that the state has to offer.

You don’t need to worry about fitting your home on a used trailer made for some other purpose and risking damage. Trailer Made builds custom trailers that are engineered as a foundation. In fact, we design each one of our trailers to be primarily a foundation, then a trailer — just for your peace of mind.

Just a few features that make our custom manufactured trailers stand out from your other options in California:

  • Welded tubular chassis for durability
  • Lowest ride height available with a straight beam axle so you get better clearance
  • Galvanized flashing on bottom of frame for insulation
  • 16-inch, on-center spaced cross members for stable flooring
  • Frames with sill plate structural angles designed specifically for wall framing
  • Squared fenders for easiest construction of your home
  • Electric brakes on every wheel
  • Sealed wiring harness with all LED lighting
  • Correct axle and leveling jack placement for load dispersement

Whether you’re purchasing an already built tiny home, or constructing your own custom tiny home, we provide you with the best option for your investment. Each trailer we sell comes with a lifetime chassis guarantee.

Steel Frame Kits for a Durable, Solid Tiny Home

Start Your Build the Easy Way

When you build your own tiny home, you have a couple of choices for constructing your frame: stick lumber or steel. If you’re planning to travel with your tiny home, there are advantages to using a steel frame tiny house kit. Steel frames are lighter and sturdier, plus they absorb road vibrations better than a wood frame.

And when you rely on our steel frame tiny house kits, you’ll know you have superior engineering and durability for a road-worthy base to your tiny home.

Buying a kit from Trailer Made’s authorized dealer ensures you can get your California tiny home built quickly and with less room for mistakes in construction. You’ll save time and money — especially if you have our qualified custom builders assemble your steel frame kit for you on one of our trailers.

Custom Trailers for Any Need

At Trailer Made, we also make high-quality trailers for a range of needs in addition to tiny home living. We build and sell custom equipment trailers in both single- and double-axle configurations that can handle virtually any towing or transportation need you may have. Each trailer comes complete with a drive-up ramp.

Or perhaps you need a utility trailer or car hauler. We manufacture secure, customized trailers for anything you need to tow through California, including boats, cars and trucks, tractors and other lawn equipment, and more.

We Have Flexible Financing Options

We know that when you decide to start a tiny house project, you want fast financing with affordable monthly payments — and with a minimum of hassle. We’ve partnered with OneMain Financial to make this a reality for you and all our customers. Our dealer will work with OneMain Financial to get you approved and financed so you can have your tiny house as soon as possible.

Our tiny house and trailer financing program features:

  • Fast decisions — within 24 hours
  • Low down payment options — start with just 5% down
  • Attractive fixed rates starting at 6% (OAC)
  • Flexible loan terms. Spread out payments for 5, 10, 15, 20 or 25 years
  • Easy processing with minimal support documents
  • Fast funding, usually within 3 days of getting your loan documents

Start Your Project Today!

Whether you need a tiny home trailer, a trailer with a steel frame kit that gets you started building quickly, or financing to start your project, we can help. Our California trailer manufacturers are the experts when it comes to any type of custom trailer you may need. We serve the entire state including Los Angeles, San Diego, Sacramento, San Jose, and the San Francisco Bay Area. Contact us today to learn more about our trailers, steel frame tiny house kits and other accessories.