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We’re the Industry Leader for Custom Built Trailers

Trailer Made Custom Trailers is a leading trailer manufacturer, offering a variety of products, including custom-made tiny house trailers, tiny house kits, and tiny homes on wheels. Our firm has experts in tiny home building and custom trailer building, as well as engineering, design, and fabrication. All of the aspects that go into creating the perfect tiny home for you are available through our skilled team. It is our goal to make sure that all customers are thrilled with the final result and are proud to say they chose us as their trailer manufacturer. Buying a quality custom-made tiny house trailer is a great option for many people because we tailor it to fit your needs. Not only are our custom trailers excellent for anyone that often hauls items behind their vehicle, but they are also a great benefit for people that may need a size that is not as commonly offered. At Trailer Made, we can help create the perfect custom trailer for you by focusing on the quality of the final product and all of the little details that make a trailer frame masterful. Tiny homes are likely something that you have heard of in the past, but you may not know that Trailer Made offers a lot of products that can make buying and owning a tiny home a bit easier. For instance, Trailer Made offers custom-made tiny house trailers for a tiny home foundation, steel frame tiny house kits, and fully custom tiny homes, so we have the options available to fit what you are looking for. We manufacture tiny house trailers that can be used to haul a tiny house on wheelsРgreat for those customers that want to relocate as well.

Heavy-Duty and Made-to-Order

Our team has a lot of experience that allows us to serve our customers well. We have a strong history of dedication and passion that helps us provide our customers with the highest quality services available. Our team is proud to serve our customers and make sure that their needs are always met. Whether you are interested in tiny homes trailers, delivery, contracting, steel frame tiny house kits, or the custom-made trailers we sell, our manufacturers and builders are going to work hard to give you the product you are envisioning. At Trailer Made, we have a variety of tiny home building partners that we are very proud to collaborate with on a regular basis. Some of the partners that our tiny house trailer manufacturers pair with are: Tiny House Nation, Thimble Homes, Rooted Tiny Homes, and Warrior Homesteads. Our partners help give us the ability to provide such excellent service to our customers and we are grateful to have their support. Get a quote on a custom-made trailer today!